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About Us

As the first collaborative of its kind, the National Collaborative of Young Women’s Initiatives (YWI) works to address the core, structural issues that have kept too many of our nation’s low-income young women—particularly young women of color— from reaching their full potential.

The initiative is modeled after the New York City Young Women’s Initiative, launched in 2015 through a partnership between the New York Women’s Foundation, the New York City Council, and Girls for Gender Equity. The success of YWI-NYC and the #shewillbe campaign, inspired seven other women’s foundations from across the country to launch their own Young Women’s Initiatives in their respective localities, with focus on galvanizing resources and creating cross-sector partnerships to advance equity and outcomes for young women of color, and young women from low-income communities. In June 2016 at the White House Summit on the United State of Women in Washington, D.C., the National Collaborative of Young Women’s Initiatives was launched.  Since then, each of the independent women’s foundations have been working with partners across their communities and local governments to place young women at the center of leadership, and at the helm of advancing their outcomes.

Through this national initiative, we will highlight issues of disparity, inspire action, ignite change, and engage cross-sector partners, both locally and nationally, in this critical work to ensure equity in outcomes for all young women across our country.  We have a strong call to action for leaders across industries to  invest in the leadership and lives of young women of color.  Our future prosperity is interwoven, and it’s time we listen and invest now in what young women need. We recognize young women of color as critical to our economic growth and competitiveness, and important contributors to a high quality of life.  For that reason, our Collaborative will collectively award $41 million in grants over the next seven years to ensure young women of color lead, prosper economically, and live safe and healthy lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to galvanize and invest resources to achieve a world with gender and racial equity where young women-particularly young women of color– lead, prosper economically, and live safe and healthy lives.

Our Vision

We believe that every young woman should have the tools and opportunity to lead and to thrive.  Every young woman should live in a world with respect, justice, and safety.